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R&A Engineering’s RESERVOIR Projects (structural design):

Eagle Bay Reservoir, review, 2011
Upper BX Creek Dam/Reservoir, Focus Engineering, 2010
Anglemont reservoirs #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 reviews, 2010
Eagle River Estates Reservoir, Gentech Engineering, 2010 (not built yet)
Spences Bridge Reservoir, Gentech Engineering, 2009
Tavistock #2 Reservoir, Kerr Wood Leidel, 2009
Tavistock #1 Reservoir, Kerr Wood Leidel, 2006
Ranchlands Reservoir, Quantum Consulting, 2006
Turtle Mountain Reservoir, Kerr Wood Leidel , 2006
Silver Star Reservoir, 1998
Sorrento Reservoir, Gentech Engineering, 1995
Silver Star Reservoir #2, 1993
Regal Resort Reservoir, Sicamous, Gentech Engineering, 1992
Grandview Reservoir, 1988
Sunset Properties Reservoir, 1988
Lesway Reservoir, Vernon, 1987
Collinson Reservoir, 1986
Big White Reservoir, 1982

We have also designed structures for the secondary buildings that service the reservoirs, such as Ultraviolet stations, and pump stations.



20th Street bridge widening for pedestrians, Kerr Wood Leidel, 2011
Fulton Road bridge widening for pedestrians, Quantum Consulting, 2010
BX Creek Park heavy timber Pedestrian Bridges, NORD, 2010
Salmon Arm Foreshore Promenade Pedestrian Bridge, 2005
Ribbons of Green Pedestrian Bridge, Polson Park, 2003
Coldstream Park Bridges, 1998
St. James School Pedestrian Bridge, 1993
Okanagan College Pedestrian Bridge, 1992


R&A Engineering has performed SITE REVIEWS for OUT of TOWN CONSULTANTS:

Vernon Library, Bush Bohlman Partners ( Vancouver), 2011
Askews Grocery Store, Salmon Arm, Fast & Epp Partners ( Vancouver), 2011
Sparkling Hills Resort at Predator Ridge, RJC (Victoria), 2010
BC Transit Shop, Vernon, Still Creek Engineering(Burnaby), 2010
Carrington Seniors Phase 2, IQ Engineering (Langley), 2009
Pleasant Valley Manor, Armstrong, Pomeroy Engineering ( Burnaby), 2007
The Strand Lakeside Resort, Vernon, Weibe Forest Engineers (Calgary), 2006
Childrens Place, Kelowna, Bogdonov Pao (Vancouver), 2005
Salmon Arm City Hall/Courthouse, Bush Bohlman Partners ( Vancouver), 2005
Block Buster Video,Salmon Arm, BPA (Vancouver), 2005
Canadian Tire Expansion, Vernon, RJC (Calgary), 2001
Walmart Expansion, Vernon, Jacques Whitford (Burnaby)
Orchard Park Mall Chapters, Kelowna, Kazmar Engineering (Toronto), 1998

Several other Site Reviews